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for the new york/new jersey area are doing. raising a great big stink, and as the british ambassador to the u.s. said today, there's a system of justice in scotland that they respect. and there's nothing they can do about what they called a license for a compassionate release. >> thank you, michael mcauliff. appreciate your time. coming up, are unemployment benefits a disincentive to finding a job. that's the argument some republicans are making today. but is it true? that debate is straight ahead. ne who will be there for us in life. people who say, "we're with you, no matter what." at wachovia and wells fargo, we're with you, when a house turns into a home... ...when a passion becomes a career... ♪ ...when a relationship turns into a lifetime... and when all the hard work finally pays off. we're with you when you need someone to stand by you. wachovia, wells fargo, and you. together we'll go far. and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer
is this on the, quote, eastern half of the country? >> well, roughly 10% the rate of earthquakes in the eastern u.s. as opposed to the western u.s. so you don't get a lot of the earthquakes in the eastern u.s. especially in the 20th and 21st centuries. if you go back awhile, you'll find there were some really important earthquakes in the eastern united states in the 19th century especially. even new york got into the act with a magnitude 5.5 earthquake in the 1800s. but there have been some very large earthquakes in the eastern u.s. but nothing in any living person's memory. >> is there anything to -- there's still nothing about an earthquake that can tell you, let you to predict oh, boy, a bigger one is coming. we yet don't have a pattern here, when you see a tremor, this means something? >> well, of course, there's always a bigger one coming but in terms of being able to tell when it's going to happen, we have no idea. and we do try to look for patterns, but i think the more we look, the more we realize it's very hard to see any repeatable pattern. >> so outside of we note corridor on the west co
a big stink, and as the british ambassador to the u.s. said today, there is a system of justice inç scotland that they respect and there is nothing they can do about what they call a license for compassionate release. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you. >>> much more on this massive day of the gulf oil spill. the oil is holding for now.wo this is "hard ball" only on msnbc. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines. so i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. with a little help from expedia, my friends will think i can be everywhere at once. where you book matters. expedia. ♪ [ male announcer ] he's sweet, even with 1/3 less sugar than soda. kool-aid delivering more smiles per gallon. even with 1/3 less sugar than soda. discover customers are getting 5% cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to get more. it pays to discover. >>> we have a new crop of poll numbers on an all personality generic valid question. that's the one
and overextension of the u.s., some may say neo imperial designsen the world in the left, is the democratic party in its heart for the war in afghanistan? congressman mcgovern on the hill? >> i don't believe it is. i don't believe a majority of democrats are. we had 60% of the democratic caucus vote with me on an amendment calling for the formulation of an exit strategy in afghanistan. the speaker of the house actually voted with us. so the majority of the democratic priority wants us to figure out a way to get out of this thing. we've been there almost ten years. we have lost thousands of brave men and women. we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars supporting a corrupt government and nation building in afghanistan when we should be doing it here in the united states. >> let's take a look at another document before we go back to congresswoman pingree. one document from september 2007, three years ago disclosed afghan officials made brutal assessments to the afghan government to american civil affairs officer. the report says -- the oldest member of the afghan group told the civil affairs te
in the u.s. illegally. the decision is a short-term victory for opponents of the law, but much of the reaction issagery, and we'll have it at the top of the show. the political consequences of this decision are huge. this is a fight that the obama administration picked and may deeply regret at some point winning. let me be blunt. i think this is a disaster for democrats and a big win for the right. this will make the tea partiers' point, that washington has become too powerful at the expense of the states. plus, were there crimes at the bottom of the bp oil disaster? that's what the obama administration's so-called bp squad is seeking to find out. >>> and preemptive strike. the dnc is on the attack saying the tea party, the tea party itself and republican party members are the same thing. it's a new web video featuring what it calls the republican party's contract on america, an old mafia term. we'll get into that one. >>> finally from the volunteer state, a candidate for governor who is volunteering that everyone should get a gun. not everyone with a permit. everyone gets to c
. the vice chair on the u.s. commission of civil rights. this is what she wrote for the national review. forget about the new black panther party case. it is very small potatoes. perhaps the panthers should have been prosecuted under section 11 b of the voting rights action. for their actions on november 28th. but the legal standards that must be metd to prove voter intimidation, the charge is very high. since the 45 years the act was passed, there was a total of three successful prosecutions. okay. let's go back to michael on this. you say there ought to be an investigation. you don't think this is right wing swirl? this is an attempt by the people on the right, especially fox, to keep pushing. this beach ball in the air until it finally creates some noise. >> there's a lot of swirl associated with this case. ly grant you that. i remember very well on election day when individuals were trying on spin this has as indicative of what was going on across the city or indeed across the country. and it's all very clear now it was a one off incident. my position is there's no such thing as sma
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of movement in the retail sk tor today. citigroup slashing caps for a number of big retailers. u.s. consumers went on a buying bing in the first quarter and will nurse their hangovers in the second. shares were oversold and there are plenty of bargains out there. financials did well after learning of a backup bail out plan. france says all the banks are expected to pass the euro's own stress test. that is it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. now back to "hardball." >>> well, it's day 78 of the oil spill disaster and still no good news. tar balls have now hit texas, and a huge converted super tanker, it's called a well, there it is, has been deployed in the gulf to skim up oil. so far it's hard to tell if the skimmer is any match for the oil. mike pampantonio filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of fishermen and others oskted by the oif spill in the gulf. you have been recommending we get a skimmer in there. a big oil tanker to go in and skim off the oil off the surface. is it working, this big whale we have out there? >> well, there's two different ways to use a super tanker. one is s
their license to operate in the u.s., and the u.s. is one of the most -- one of the richest sources of future earnings growth for bp as a company, so i think there is a moral commitment, as i understand the white house deal, that i think it's 20 billion, chris, that the 20 billion set aside, 5 billion a year for four years. >> is that legal? >> no, it's not legal. >> john -- >> it's not a legal agreement that i november but it's a moral commitment and i don't see them backing away from it if they want to continue operating in the u.s. >> are they going to change the statute and raise the capital that can be grabbed from that company or not? >> let me tell you this. we're kidding ourselves about the $20 billion. you know what i learned last week in a meeting up in new york with the people who were in charge of trying to distribute this money? the money is not even securitize. as we sit here, if this company moved into bankruptcy tomorrow, there's no security interest that the u.s. government has in that money. secondly, $20 billion has not been escrowed. there hasn't been money escrowed at thi
of libya. at least four u.s. senators think so. >>> plus, do unemployment ç benefits make people lazy? that's the case being made by a lot of republicans who say jobless prefer cashing government checks to going out and looking for work. watt we'll hear from both sides that have issue. >>> and then there's this from karl rove in today's "wall street journal". he says the biggest mistake he made in the white house was not defending president bush against charges that he lied to get us into war. in fact, he insists it's the democrat who have been doing most of the lying. and finally, i'll tell you what i think about that claim that the new black panthers intimidated people into voting for barack obama. to me it, makes almost no sense. let's begin with the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bob cav nar was an oil industry executive. bob, how did they get it to stop? >> good afternoon, michael. they closed the last valve, the choke valve in just about an hour ago. i was actually watching the feed when the announcement was made. the feed is obviously a little delayed. it was still flowing
lowden. but tonight that is all. a huge thank you to our afghan hosts, the u.s. military and nbc news bureau in kabul. "hardball" is next. good night. >> border woar. let's play "hardball." >>> leading off, the politics of illegal immigration. why bring a lawsuit challenging arizona's illegal immigration law when more than 60% of americans say they support it. even if this turns out to be good long-term politics for democrats is there any way this helps president obama? >> rachel maddow is in afghanistan. my question to her, do we have a good chance of building an afghanistan that will repel al qaeda? is president obama acting like a one-term president ignoring what is best for him to do what he thinks is best for the country. will that strategy cost him the white house in 2012? >>> a candidate for governor says you can't take his seriously when the legislature is passing bills about government microchips in people's brains and seceded from the union. how some people who find themselves patriotic find themselves rooting against president obama and the country. we are joined by two cal
supporting the other guys. let me finish with thoughts on stopping illegal immigration. u.s. congressman jack kingston is a georgia republican, member of the appropriations committee. thank you, sir. it's great to have you on the show. >> it's good to be with you. >> i wonder why republicans have decided that unemployment extension is a bill that has to be paid as you go when all the other times in the last "x" many years you've passed spending bills that you haven't paid for. >> chris, i think you're right. both parties can share the blame on the deficit spending. the deficit is the highest in history. r right now this can can hardly be deemed a surprise. we had a failed stimulus bill. we knew this was coming. what we republicans this the house say is ought to be offset. that's what senate democrats are saying. that's why the senate left town without extending unemployment benefits. we were in agreement with some of them that it ought to be offselt before we do it. >> give me an array of programs that can be cut. >> i think the obvious choice is the pot of money in the stimulus program. in t
services. the competing things here are that there is an afghan government here because of this huge u.s. military presence, because of all the western resources, but as long as we're here, we're setting up sort of a hot house flower, a government that as long as we're here will never be able to grow strong enough to stand on its own and here's the one thing i've really seen first happened since i've been here. our presence here is sort of inherently corrupting. the longer we stay, the more war dollars essentially go to power brokers and -- and warlords, and that corruption actually helps the taliban's case against the government. so the longer we stay, in some ways we're strengthening our opponent here, so there's got to be a deadline for us to go, but the basic idea is to set up an afghan state. >> well, i guess how can we know, if you are truly objective that there is such a person, is there any way you can tell whether a government will survive your departure? >> no. there's no way to tell that until you go, and that's what you hear over and over and over again from the soldiers here
. south carolina's come out of nowhere candidate gave his first speech as the democratic u.s. nominee yesterday. let's listen to his words. >> let's get south carolina and america back to work. let's move south carolina and america forward. work from alvin, south carolina, let's get south carolina back to work from alvin, south carolina, to greenville, south carolina. lets reclaim our country from the terrorists and the communists. >> wow, that was mr. greene speaking. i don't get this whole thing. now for tonight's big number. how many americans know that it was president bush who enacted t.a.r.p., that $700 billion bank bailout? well, according to a new pew survey, just 4% of us. almost half, 47% think it was president obama who did it. just one-third of americans know president bush, his team engineered the big bank bailout. just 34%. tonight's not so big number. boy, is that important. up next, republicans say they're against government spending. why can't any of them say what programs they would cut if they were in charge? it happened again this weekend on "meet the press." we're
for those democrats looking to oust u.s. congress many michele bachmann from her seat. a new poll shows her race is surprisingly competitive. in fact, congresswoman bachmann is just under 50%, a bad sign. it shows the democrat clark within striking distance against an incumbent and more bad news for bachmann. late tate it's reported her chief of staff and campaign finance director have both quit their jobs. "hardball" will be right back. after using rogaine for a while, i went to my stylist and she said hair was growing back... i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. >>> back to "hardball." today at the naacp convention in kansas city, the organization is expected to vote on a resolution to condemn supporters of the tea party. parts of the proposed resolution include a call for, quote, the leadership and members of the tea party to recognize the historic and present racist factions within it and to repudiate those factions. earlier today sarah pal
to discover. >>> well, here's good news for those democrats looking to oust u.s. congress many michele bachmann from her seat. a new poll shows her race is surprisingly competitive. in fact, congresswoman bachmann is just under 50%, a bad sign. it shows the democrat clark within striking distance against an incumbent and more bad news for bachmann. late tate it's reported her chief of staff and campaign finance director have both quit their jobs. "hardball" will be right back. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? host: was abe lincoln honest? mary todd: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps a... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. [ children laughing ] now during the summer event, get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz like the 2010 c-class, an iihs top safety pick, for 1.9 percent apr or lease one for $
a $1 billion company specializing in rapid spill response. >>> a two-year probe into u.s. attorneys has found no cause for criminal charges. >>> down beat comments from ben bernanke rattling investors or wall street today. he told congress the economic outlook remains unusually uncertain. >>> the fda found a pattern of careless quality control in pennsylvania. the drug maker is under scrutiny after a series of recalls. now back to "hardball." >>> we decided to form a tea party caucus for one very important purpose, to listen to the concerns of the tea party. >> welcome back to "hardball." that's, of course, u.s. congresswoman michele bachmann announcing the formation of the tea party caucus today. then she went on to say the tea party, what they will and will not stand for. here she is laying down its principles. let's listen. >> i am not the head of the tea party nor are any of the members of congress the head of the tea party movement. the people are the head of the tea party movement in all of their forms. we are also not here to vouch for the tea party or to vouch for any tea party
that they phonied up their application, they actually lied to the u.s. justice department, they lied to the federal government. they said, first of all, that it was an operation that could handle about ten times the spill that we have here. more importantly, if you look at that, they actually had a dead scientist sign off on the document and represent that that dead scientist had a plan. look, from day one, we have to handle -- >> how did they -- did they move his hand? how did they have the dead scientist sign this document? i'm curious. you said a dead guy did something. >> a dead guy -- they had a dead guy sign off on this document, chris. >> meaning that they used his signature? meaning they used his signature? >> they used his name, they used his report just as if he were alive and kicking. listen, this is a company that we have to look at for who they are. this is a felon company. they have shown nothing but history of lying to us from day one. day one we knew that we had a catastrophe. >> well, let's go back to bernard charbonnet has a real problem on his hands. you do have a problem. you ha
to the concerns of the tea party. >> welcome back to "hardball." that's, of course, u.s. congresswoman michele bachmann announcing the formation of the tea party caucus today and went on to say the tea party caucus will and will not stand for. here she is laying down its principles. let's listen. >> i am not the head of the tea party nor are any of the members of congress the head of the tea party movement. the people are the head of the tea party movement in all of their forms. we are also not here to vouch for the tea party or to vouch for any tea party organizations or to vouch for any individual people or actions or billboards or signs or anything of the tea party. we are hear to listen and to be a receptacle. >> wow. what will the formation of a tea party movement caucus, actually in this case, mean for the republican party and for democrats running against caucus members? joan walsh is editor of salon.com and john heilmann is national political correspondent for "new york" magazine. by the way, joan, i recognized one of the members from the tea party standing behind the congresswoman. sh
they weren't tough enough. especially when it came to debt. u.s. shares ended the day mixed with royal bank of scotland and the bank of ireland surging 4% each. verizon beating the dow. ford blowing past expeck tags and saying it expects better results in 2011. mcdonald's shares slipped after posting a profit that barely squeaked past estimates. and general electric improved. that's it from cnbc. we're first in business worldwide. now it's back to "hardball." >>> now andrew brightbart's motivation for putting shirley sherrod on the internet is falling apart. here's what he said. >> so my motivation was to say i have evidence that shows based upon your standard of people in the audience behaving racist, we have an naacp sanctioned event in which the speaker is talking in a racist narrative when she referred to a white farmer. when she refers a white farmer to a white lawyer. when she stalking about not giving him the full weight, the audience cheers. >> here's what shirley sherrod said, and listen closely for the reaction that brightbart claims happened. >> i was struck by the fact so many b
. thank you so much for coming on. u.s. congressman jack kingston, a veteran down there in georgia. let's bring in "washington post" columnist and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson. he made a good defense. in an argument, it don't matter much when you're unemployed. the middle-aged guy who finds himself after working 30 years going through sometimes the difficult emotional experience of going down and picking that up check is now told, oh, by the way, here comes the injury to the insult. there isn't going to be a check. and by the way, happy fourth of july. >> you could make the callus kind of heartless calculation that well, you got more employed people than unemployed people. so maybe you can get more employed people who would resent this sort of payment than the unemployed. maybe they're not going to vote. >> put on your analyst hat. why would the republicans take this risk? why are they risking what seems to be you got to do this for the unemployed guy. >> i don't get it. you're dealing not only with the guy down the block, you're dealing with the people around the corner who'
in a counterinsurgency strategy. general petraeus, the general in charge and everybody else in the u.s. military and foreign policy establishment will tell you that in order for a counterinsurgency strategy to work, we have to have a credible local partner. and speaking privately, they will also all tell you that a corrupt and effective and illegitimate hamid karzai government is not such a partner. >> i want to put you in two positions professionally. you've been in a high position. if you were an american soldier right now and our volunteer army in an officer's capacity with decisions to make every day about the lives of your troops, would you stay in the military and fight the war? do you believe it's a war we should be fighting? do you believe in this war, fighting the insurgency, or would you be saying, damnit, this is a terrible war and we shouldn't be in this war? >> the fundamental problem is that we cannot accomplish the mission. we've committed billions of dollars to a strategy that cannot work by its own authors. >> what should a soldier fighting now do over there? what would you do i
-level alarm. u.s. congresswoman michelle back man has a new vil tloin chase, the g-20. that's right. yesterday, bachmann said president obama's participation in this weekend's g-20 summit could eventually lead to a single-world government. see if you can follow her. >> president obama is trying to bind the united states into a global economy where all of our nations come together in a global economy. i don't want the united states to be in a global economy where our economic future is bound to that of zimbabwe. clearly, this is a very bad direction because when you join the economic policy of different nations, it is one short step to joining political unity, and then you would have literally a one-world government. >> so, we're teaming up with robert mugabe in zimbabwe in a new world government. this is insane talk by a congresswoman. i don't know who the voters are out there but take a look at this kind of talk, this fear that the black helicopters are about to land and take over this country, that robert mugabe is in some kind of political partnership with barack obama is insane talk. next,
amendment that says children born in the u.s., anyone born in the united states is automatically a citizen. here he is last night on fox. >> i may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules. if you have a child here birth right citizenship i think is a mistake that we should change our constitution and say if you come here illegal and you have a child, that child is automatically not a citizen. people come here to have babies. they come here to drop a child, it's called drop and leave. to have a child in america they cross the border, go to the emergency room have a child and that child's automatically an american citizen. that shouldn't be the case. that attract people here nor the wrong reasons. >> on a lighter note, the president talked about chelsea clinton's upcoming wedding this morning on "the view." >> were you invited to chelsea clinton's wedding? >> you know, i was not invited because i think that hillary and bill properly want to keep this as a thing for chelsea and her soon to be husband.ç and i am going to have the -- i'm letting you guys know now, you all p
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in that alleged russian spy ring admitted to living in the u.s. under false identities. toyota is recalling engines. >>> paris hilton was detained in south africa after a friend was allegedly caught smoking pot. >>> stocks lower for the day and the week. unvesters unnerved by higher than expected jobless numbers. >>> a declaration of independence was remove from storage for the first time in 15 years to show off new technology that highlights changes made by thomas jefferson. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." in honor of independence day, we wanted to look at the political independent. the time could be right. in the may nbc/"wall street journal" poll, nearly a third said the two-party system was seriously broken and even said that the country needs a third party. in our most recent poll, nearly half said if they're enthusiastic or comfortable running as an independent candidate. they both join us now. happy independence day. senator chaffee, i'm going to start with you. what is it that you sort of left your party even before you officially left your party. it's easy t
in the u.s. >>> fidel castro made a rare appearance on cube ban television to talk about the conflict between north and south korea. now back to "hardball." >>> you can make more money on unemployment that you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job. but it doesn't pay as much. and so that's what's happened to us is that we have put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said you don't want the jobs that are available. >> wow, welcome back to "hardball." that's nevada's republican senate candidate sharron angle. here's arizona senator jon kyl in march. >> if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work. >> and it's not just the conservatives out west. here's republican candidate for governor of pennsylvania on friday. the jobs are there. but if we keep extending unemployment, people are just going to sit there. i've literally had construction companies tell me i can't get people to go back to work, until they say i'll come back to work when unemploym
born here in america? >> i believe they were. as u.s.-born, they have rights. but it's a bizarre. >> so do the parents. >> so do the parents but it's a little different there because again, with some of these folks, it's not certain who they are. >> peter, what is with the russian government's obsession even today with this personal sort of cold war-like okay escapades? >> most of these people were put here, sent here in the 1990s back when there was still this sense we weren't sure where the relationship was going. the cold war was not that distant a memory. and they kept on going basically during the '90s, there wasn't a lot of leadership from the top on a lot of these agencies that did foreign intelligence and they kept on doing the things they were noted for doing. remember the movie "no way out," they were planned to be here for a long time to be ready for missions that they could come up years down the road or never. so you know, this was just sort of a vestige of the old way of thinking. keep in mind, we're still spying on them, too. this is not exactly a one-way street. >> it's
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for the u.s. senate in nevada talks about second amendment remedies for things they don't like congress doing. give that some thought. congresswoman michele bachmann created a tea party caucus in congress itself saying no one in congress was responding to tea party demands. no one, not even republicans? a while back bachmann got useful notoriety with her call on this program for a media investigation of democrats in congress for what she called anti-americaned aitudes. she's talking pure tea party now. the whole government needs to be dumped. forgot something, race. listen to the birthers. catch their latest rant about the woman working at the ag department down in georgia, the mean distortion of her story and see a right wing effort to rip the skullcap off of america's history. people who push this line want to justify racism by finding it on the other side. they want to tear the country apart if it would
've had -- this is obviously the largest spill in u.s. history, and we've also been using dispersants and we need to understand more about it. so we welcome the additional information. >> and i'm glad you brought up the dispersants. when are you going to get an epa report? there has been a lot of talk about the dispersants, but not as much research being done by the epa on what happens to the oil after it's interacted with the dispersants. when do you expect to have another study back from the epa on this issue? >> well, lisa jackson and the epa have been very aggressive on this, and those tests are ongoing right now. in fact, they're concluding and they're about ready to undergo peer review. she'll be making some kind of announcement in the future on that. but i can tell you, they are aggressive looking at the testing on the dispersants as it mixes with the oil that we know that is out there. >> and when you stay in the future, do you mean next week? this something we're going to know in the next week? >> well, i wouldn't want to speak for lisa, but i know they've been working on it
's what's happening. six u.s. troops were killed in afghanistan today. bringing the july death toll to 66. that is surpassing june as the deadliest month of the war so far. the white house is officially implorg the operator of wikileaks website to stop posting secret documents about the war. >>> an oregon district attorney has cleared al gore of sexual assault allegations saying his accuser has credibility issues. >>> the coast guard says sediment that gathered during capping operations will have to be cleared out, delaying the so-called static kill. noaa says remaining oil on the surface is moving away from a powerful current that could have fouled beaches along south florida and the east coast. >>> an oil spill in the kalamazoo river is knew fully contained and clean-up operations are under way. >>> the markets ended flat for the day but up around 7% for july, the biggest monthly increase in a year. back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." are democrats really closing the gap in the midterm election? with us now "the new york times" jeff zeleny and the "washington post's" dan
valves and measuring the pressure. the entire process could take up to 48 hours. >>> a deadly day for u.s. troops in afghanistan. eight service members killed across the country including a raid on a police compound in kandahar. former vice president dick cheney revealed he underwent heart surgery last week and says a procedure to implant a small pump in his heart went as planned. >>> an fda panel has recommended keeping the drug avandia on the market despite increased risk of heart related complications. >>> and the federal reserve today lowering its growth forecast for the year. this as retail sales fell for the second month in a row. and new mortgage applications plunged to a 13-year low. now, back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." this should be a joy for some. for years conservatives have been warning that liberals are looking to take down the country. they say that military dictatorship, tyranny and communist domination are inevitable if you like liberals. it's been the same old lines for decades, and they have been wrong each and every time. but the same rhetoric preva
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